sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

It is not normal. Help spread that killing children is not normal!

Do not tell me, please, you open the newspaper, turn on the radio or TV and Internet access became routine passport to the park from the horrors of monstrous murders and assassinations. I can agree, before the facts. But do not insist on saying that it is naturalizing in our society. I refuse to think this way. Even when the legislators will close their eyes to the bloody and primitive behavior that dominated our shared social and cultural groups? Until that point our leaders will tolerate the soft law which is of joke and mockery and extermination of groups of traffickers, who decide who dies and who lives without any discretion or misericórida? The drama lived and accompanied by the PR Press the west since last Saturday, when it was reported the disappearance of Euclides Henrique Ernzen, his daughter Bruna, 12 years and the nephew Fabrício of only 2 years old, rose further yesterday when farmers in rural area of Marechal Cândido Rondon, found the bodies of children. Today, was found to Henry and the main suspect, the military police Almir Soares, is held from the 23rd, without confessing a crime. Euclides and the children have left the Pato Bragado and sent to Marechal Cândido Rondon to meet with his executioner. The police investigations following the line of clearing and burning of the. Two children: 12 and 2 years ... Burning of the. Difficult to look at the face of small Fabrício and believe that another human being has been able to run it with a shot in the head. No, we can not let the animalesca violence, irrational, and ambitious naturalizes grotesque is in our midst. This is how the tribes lived in the past when there was no trace of organization development within the ancient civilizations. And when crimes are heinous, disgusting, like this, we can not discuss the toughening of punishment, as do the "heat of emotions." When you turn it on no man's land and the law of 'eye for eye, tooth for tooth' prevails, the chaos will be introduced (and not missing much to happen) and there will be too late to save the man of good. This, will give back to justice and make its own security. The state faces not violence, will fall through.
Mothers of Bruna and Fabrício, my concern and sincere hug.
Image - O Paraná

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